Want to join us now and start selling your merchandise through our site?

We’ve created a marketplace for local musicians to showcase their merchandise and expand their presence.  

At localbandgear.com, our site is an outlet for any local musician to expand their presence and brand recognition while focusing on what they know best… creating music.  Every group or artist will have their own dedicated page to promote themselves as well as offer any merchandise they want to promote.  

Why should you consider us?

  1. Cost – Besides a small set-up fee*, there is no other cost to promote your brand on our site. One of our team members will create your page so you can have your own place to sell your gear.  
  2. Money Makin’ – You create your own market. Once your product is listed, you can determine what you want us to charge your customers. Any proceeds from the sale are yours and that’s for you to determine.  
  3. Ease of Use – There isn’t much required for any group or artist to get going. We’ll set up an initial consultation to discuss how you’ll be presented on the site as well as request an image or images to represent yourselves (no limit). We will then go over sizes and colors and that’s it.  We take care of everything else.  
  4. Eco-Friendly – Since we are a Print on Demand/Dropship Company, there is no inventory hold; we print and send your gear as it’s ordered.  That’s smart on your wallet and on the environment.  
  5. Products – We offer a large list of different items.  They include: T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hats, Jerseys, Polos, Bags, Warm-Ups, Jackets, Casual Woven Shirts, Pants, Work-style Apparel, Blankets, Towels, Table Covers, Laptop Sleeves, Pet Accessories, Drinkware, Jewelry, Hair Brushes, Shoes, Bibs, and Ornaments.

Send Us Designs. Tell Your Fans.  We Do Everything Else. 

* We charge a small introductory fee for all bands and musicians of $100.  With this, you will receive a 5’x3′ portrait flag with your QR code for your page along with your logo.  (It will be mailed directly to you)

There is no better time to become part of our family; start selling your merchandise with us now!

Just simply fill out the form below and one of our account managers will reach out to you and help you get started.  After a brief conference, we will have you selling your gear and expanding your brand.  

We are excited to hear from you!